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This book is an invitation to find the spirits that you sense around you, to connect with them, honor them, and share their stories. Within these pages, you will find that you can interact with deities, the fae, and the beloved dead, both the known and unknown. All of these spirits can provide you with myriad gifts, but the channels of communication must be open first.Join author Phoenix LaFae as she shows you how to reach out beyond the mundane world to other realms of existence. What is Remembered, Lives shares hands on techniques you can use to honor and commune with spirits through realm travel or invitation. Learn how to work with intention, research, and your own place of power. Discover ways to open up to the experiences that await you and negotiate with the spirits that you contact. This book includes dozens of exercises and provides instructions for beginners and experienced spiritual practitioners.How many deities and ancestors have been lost to time, invasion, and changes in culture? How much distance has grown between us and the natural world of the fae? How many of these beings are hanging on by a thread right now; only remembered by a precious few?The experience of entering into relationship with spirit is unlike any other experience. Now is a good time to start. This book shows you how.

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