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FRESH * SEASONAL * HOT * COLD * RAW * DELICIOUS Salmagundi is a 17th century English expression denoting a salad dish comprising, well… everything. The nearest modern equivalent is Fiambre, a Guatemalan salad containing in excess of twenty ingredients. This comprehensive new book from acclaimed author, Sally Butcher, looks at salad bowls across the world in 150 recipes. The recipes feature a number of archaic, traditional and staple dishes – and a whole lot of funky new stuff as well. Divided into fourteen chapters (Herbs and Leaves; Vegetables; Beans; Roots; Grains and Pasta; Rice; Cheese; Fish; Meat; Dips; Fruity Salads; Salads for Pudding; The Dressing Room; The Prop Cupboard), no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the ultimate salad recipe. Recipes are flagged where relevant with tags such as ”super-healthy” or ”skinny-minny” or ”main course” to make it more user-friendly. Heavily punctuated with Sally’s trademark mixture of folklore and anecdotes, this is an essential update for the foodie bookshelf. * Fourth book from an acclaimed cookbook author * Over 150 salad recipes from around the world * An inspirational and uplifting read as well as a gold-mine of unusual salad recipes * A beautifully photographed culinary and cultural tour

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