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Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively: Heal Your Body, How Healing Works, Hashimoto Thyroid Cookbook 3 Books Collection Set: Heal Your Body: Louise L. Hay has helped to heal and inspire millions of people worldwide. She was diagnosed with cancer more than 20 years ago and used the methods she describes in Heal Your Body to cure herself. Louise L. Hay simply explains how our attitude to life and the language we use cause our ailments. Using her simple and practical techniques, you will be surprised to discover patterns in your own ailments that reveal a lot about yourself. Just look up your illness or health challenge, and then find the right affirmation to break the pattern. How Healing Works: How Healing Works reveals that only 20 per cent of healing comes from medicine or surgery, while 80 per cent depends on other factors a patient s physical environment, their lifestyle, their values, and more. It offers practical advice on working with your doctor to construct a personal, integrative plan for healing and offers examples of what this might look like. The key to success is finding out what works for you whether this is conventional medicine, complementary therapies, or something else entirely. Hashimoto Thyroid Cookbook: Discovering that you suffer from thyroid disease can be a challenge that requires lifestyle changes, including learning how to adapt your diet. A healthy, nutritious way of eating can complement other treatments that you may be receiving and help alleviate symptoms, as well as making you fitter, healthier and stronger. Following broad Hashimoto principles, the recipes in this collection are bursting with fresh, vibrant and delicious flavours. Improving your diet, health and lifestyle has never tasted so good!

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