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Based on Anna Faris’s hit podcast Unqualified, Dealbreakers is an irreverent party game that explores what happens in a romantic relationship after that initial swipe right. Gather your friends, open your mind, and prepare to discover what you’re really willing to accept from a romantic partner! Would you banish someone who bought off-brand cereal? What about a loud chewer? In this game players can be both sappy and silly as they explore what really counts as a dealbreaker in a new relationship with the help of Anna Faris — who asks celebrities these very same questions on her top-rated podcast! Each round begins with a scenario card that sets the scene, and players must each select a “dealbreaker” card they believe will convince the round’s leader to abandon the date. But even the dealbreakers that seem terrible on first blush might be excusable for the right person! As players explore these questions, they’ll learn more than they ever thought about themselves, their friends, and, of course, how to avoid dating axe-murderers. 

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