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The much-needed message of this book is that spiritual practice is not a weekend hobby or an activity for adolescent seekers (of any age). Instead, Lalitha makes a case for mature spirituality, which evolves from a serious commitment to the Path, and assumes dignity, integrity and personal responsibility for one’s life choices. She proposes a series of “questions that matter”. . . including: • What Path Are You Really On? • What Are You Seriously Committed to? • What Do You Call Love? • Are You on Your Deathbed? The playing field of spiritual maturity can never be separate from one’s everyday life—one’s work, relationships, art, physical limits, suffering, aging and dying—Lalitha affirms. And, it will always reflect a sacred regard for the highest principles (one’s aim), along with gratitude for what is, and kindness, generosity and compassion toward others. Lalitha is a spiritual teacher and a farmer—her ashram in BC is also a working organic farm. She knows the disciplined efforts needed to prepare a ground for planting, to nurture and maintain young shoots, to guard against predators and to harvest a mature crop. As a long-term spiritual practitioner, she has worked with students for over twenty years. She knows the risks, the sweat and the fruits of the spiritual path. Full of practical help, her book cites dozens of examples relative to spiritual authority, doubt and confusion, a life of practice, and the facing and embracing of death . . . as well as other issues that matter! She is the author of Waking to Ordinary Life, and several books on health and healing.

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