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BOOK TWO OF THE CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE SERIES More Mind-Bending & Challenging Metaphysical Concepts * Hidden Underground Cities * Energy and Creator Beings * Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions * Raising of Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth * Characteristics of the New Earth * The Universal Language of Symbols * Splinters and Facets of the Soul * Life on Other Planets Table of Contents Section 1: Benefits of Past Life Therapy 1. My Beginning in Hypnosis 2. Normal Past Life Therapy Section 2: Ancient Knowledge and Lost Civilizations 3. The Cat People (A Different Sphinx) 4. The Goddess Isis 5. The Hidden City 6. Escape From Atlantis 7. Ancient Knowledge 8. Taken to Safety Section 3: Advanced Beings and Karma 9. Children Create Karma 10. Life in Non-Human Bodies 11. Stranger to Earth 12. Work During the Sleep State 13. The First of the Seven 14. Advanced Beings Section 4: The Wise People 15. Remembering the Wise One 16. Searching for the Wise One Section 5: Other Planets 17. Life on Other Planets 18. The Planet with the Purple Sun Section 6: Time Portals 19. Guardian of the Portal 20. The Aborigine 21. Time Portals for Future Beings Section 7: Energy Beings and Creator Beings 22. Mysteries 23. Another Energy Being 24. If You Think, You Create 25. An Energy Being Creates 26. A Creator Being Returns Home Section 8: Stepping Off the Deep End 27. The Dreamer Dreams the Dream 28. A Different Alternative to Walk-Ins 29. The Multi-Faceted Soul 30. The New Earth 31. Finale

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